Our Activities

Bubble Battle

The battle is for 2. But who will be able to displace the other out of the territory? Choose your opponent now and live an unrepeatable experience wearing your inflatable ball for uniform.

Bubble Soccer

The most famous and favorite game for young and old people. Football is here in a different version to offer you unique and unrepeatable conflicts. Organize your team now 3vs3 4vs4 5vs5 and make a reservation to play ball in a different way !!!

Bubble Zombie

The zombies live between us and are ready for big against you will be able to avoid them until the end without touching you? A big challenge for strong players.

Bubble Bowling

Bowling is one of the most favorite games, but now it will be bubble bowling because the corines are now your friends. All you need is to take time and strike. To see will you make it?