Is there a minimum or maximum height / weight / age?

Yes, all players must be from 1.30m. height and weigh less than 120k. to participate. There are no age restrictions, however, we generally recommend players to be 7 years old or older.

What should I wear to play bubbleboom ?

We recommend wearing a swimsuit and necessarily a t-shirt. Avoid wearing your glasses and prefer contact lenses, as the glasses can easily fall as you fall. Do I need special skills?

Not at all. All people can enjoy and have fun with bubbleboom, regardless of their sport. It is for all levels of players, from sportsmen to beginners, everyone can enjoy both football and other games.

Where can I play?

In the summers you will find us at Tsampika beach on the far right but in the winter months you can rent inflatable balls and play on 5×5 courts, football fields, indoor gyms, playgrounds, parks, large house gardens, beaches and generally in places with real or grass, parquet or sand. Our company cooperates with 5X5 courts in which, depending on the availability, we can reserve the space on your behalf, so that all you need is to gather your company and be in the place you have chosen the predetermined time for an unforgettable ” conflict experience “. If the partner stadiums do not cover you and you prefer another space that you have chosen, we can organize the activity as you wish.